I've switched to an all-coffee diet. How much longer can I expect to live?!

Question: I've switched to an all-coffee diet. How much longer can I expect to live?
I love caffeine and I needed to loose some weight, so I stopped eating and now drink nothing but coffee. Is this healthy?


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no, it's not healthy. you need carbs. if you put milk and sugar in it, you might live a bit longer.

NO! def not! I love coffee myself but I found a way to lose weight and still eat food and drink coffee. You should check out Boresha International's BSkinny coffee. It is the first and only ever thermogenic fat-burning coffee, low-glycemic and low-cephalic. Normal coffee actually causes you're body to store fat this coffee does the opposite and it has 25 years of scientific research behind it. Only drinking coffee will kill you, you may lose weight for now but as soon as you start eating again your body is going to store everything you eat in fear that it will be starved again and has to store up.


haha alot of people do this. coffee fills your stomache. and makes you poo. but you do have to drink some water. and eat atleast one real meal a day. make it something low in carbs. high in protein. or else your muscle will go too

Sounds like me. I love coffee. Coffee rocks! Screw whether it's healthy. Lets get together at Starbucks, and stay till they kick us out, while we go, "YIBBLE YIBBLE!" ... caffine coma.

jusus you only have coffe as long at it is juiced livershit you will be good, but coffee will kill you. You have approxomatly 4 days 3 houses 2 seconds and 3 inches lost.

toooo much caffine.
I highly recommend stopping.

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