Why is this bottled water so bitter?!

Question: Why is this bottled water so bitter?
Ok.. so i basically drink nothing but water. And here lately i've been buying bottled water and putting it in the refridgerator to get cold.. Now i've been drinking water called Ozarka.. And every so often i'll go to drink one and it'll taste so bitter.. almost like soap.. WTF is wrong with the water?? Not all of the waters are like that.. just some of them.. Some of them taste fine while others taste very bitter.. It almost makes me want to throw up.. WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM?!?!?! Should I sue the company?


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Don't imagine you can sue someone because you don't like their product. You have to be injured by it somehow.

You can contact them at http://www.ozarkawater.com/ and let them know. They will probably want to know the lot numbers of bottles that tasted good and ones that tasted bitter.

It could also be whatever you are eating with the water making it taste funny.

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