how they call acai berries in the Philippines?!

Question: How they call acai berries in the Philippines?

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*-they're called acai berries only, in the Philippines !!~?

I had to look up tagalog on Google to find out what it means. I guess you are referring to the language spoken in the Philippines. Actually, I don't know the tagalog name for acai berry. However, I want to give you some warnings about acai. Unless you live in South America, you never get the real berries. You just get powders and purees made from the berry. How nutritious are these products made from acai? I don't think anyone knows for certain.

Also, acai is NOT a weight loss product. That is just an advertising trick. If you do want to get Acai, try to get it from a health food or vitamin store. Sambazon is a reputable company and is probably your best bet. If you can’t get it in a store, it is probably ok to get it from I recommend the freeze-dried powder or capsules rather than the liquid.

I also want to warn you about ONLINE SCAMS. One is Acai Berry Supreme. They promised a free bottle and I would only have to pay shipping. I noticed an additional $29.95 added to my credit card from that company and had to complain to the company to get a refund. Then they started shipping me more bottles and trying to charge me for them.

The other scam is Acai Berry Power 500, which also offered a free trial bottle. They also started mailing me additional bottles of acai without my permission. Again, I had to complain to the company to get credit card charges removed.

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