Is "Sell By" date on milk expiration date ?!

Question: Is "Sell By" date on milk expiration date ?
I bought it two days ago, but I was away and hadn't have a change to drink. Is it okay to drink it ? I haven't opened it yet.


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No, generally not. The sell by date and the use by date are usually several days apart. The sell by date is an indication for the shop of when they should hope to have it sold by before they need to think of pulling it from the shelves, or putting it on sale or something. It's a margin of safety.

Provide it's remained sealed and in a cold place it should be fine to drink. If it's gone off you'll smell and taste it pretty quickly.

If it's a sell-by date, it means it's still good for a little while afterwards.

In other places products are marked with a use-by date instead, which is an estimate of when it will actually start to go off.

If it's milk you can tell by the smell and taste anyways whether it's still good.

all milk i have ever had is 7 days out from sell by date.
the carton can even smell bad while the milk is still good...

its ok after a day or two and as long as there's no smell and its not chunky when you pour it in a glass

its fine. u can usually drink it a few days after the experiation date even

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