What would you call someone who makes non-alcoholic drinks?!

Question: What would you call someone who makes non-alcoholic drinks?
I'm fixing up my resume and I work for a company every august where I make fresh lemonade, but I'm not sure what I would call that? Bartender is more for alcoholic drinks, and barista is with coffee.. I'm just not too sure


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A non-alcoholic mixologist.

Hey I would stick with Professional Bartender if your trying to work at a bar, If not then just tell the truth of what you did but always spice it up. Did you not make drinks? So you didn't add alcohol it is still a drink right? Of course it is. You still tended a crowd which is equivalent to tending a bar. Right now jobs are hard to find, and you have to sell yourself. If they want a bartender job then your a professional one.

Remember power words work well on a Resume. Heck a perfect shot of alcohol is counting 1-5 like this 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, so basically 5 count. They will train you as all jobs are different. Secret I learned get a hand book or ask the customer on the down low. That is how I learned to make martini's. It is a hard world out there and you must sell yourself.

Bartender through College at some high class places. It is all about presentation, including yourself. :) I was in the same boat you were. It took about a week and I was on a roll. Hey tips are great with a smile and some small talk. :) Best of luck.

Sober. :)

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