a coffee and caffeine question?!

Question: A coffee and caffeine question?
Am a coffee drinker, if I drink it at night i will wake up at 1 or 2 am for sure. Other people
seem to drink and sleep well does anyone know what gives? Same with sodas, cant drink
at night because the same thing will happen. I dont drink it for the same reason but every
time someone offers me coffee or soda I hate saying no because I like those drinks alot.


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There was a study on this how coffee wakes people up and really it doesnt do that its just the body wanting that caffeine replacement they missed at night.

Some are like me and the people in my. They develop a tolerance for caffine and therefore, it would not affect them. I knew a cab driver that drank it all day and in the evenings. I had asked him if he had trouble sleeping. With people, they can get used to caffine, so it may not have the affect giving them energy

I like to drink coffee. Check this.


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