How do you make fake wine alcoholic?!

Question: How do you make fake wine alcoholic?
I am legally aloud to drink so that not why I'm asking. But the be honest, I like fake wine better than real wine. It just tastes better. So how do you turn non alcoholic wine into alcoholic wine? I thought you added yeast or something. Even if making it alcoholic changes she taste it won matter. Thanks.
I'd rather not add vodka or any other alcohol to it please.


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mix it with vodka

Eh....Alcohol is created when the fruit is fermenting. The yeast present on the fruit (in the case of wine anyways), will produce heat, ethanol, and gas. Ethanol is alcohol. So just straight adding yeast to an already made drink won't readily produce alcohol unless there is a food source present in the drink for the yeast, and even then it will take awhile for proper fermentation to occur.

By the time wine ships, it has finished fermenting. Your only option is to add a neutral spirit, such as vodka or "neutral grain spirit".

put alcohol in it.

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