Are K-cups considered non-instant coffee and iodine free?!

Question: Are K-cups considered non-instant coffee and iodine free?
I'm on a low iodine diet for a scan for my thyroid. I usually drink a lot of coffee, but since this diet started I cannot drink instant coffee or anything containing iodine. I drink K-cups (keurig) coffees, and was wondering if anyone knows if K-cups are safe to drink on this diet?


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K-cups are ground coffee and a filter. Since drip coffee is acceptable under a low-iodine diet, K-cups should be if they have no added iodine. Of course, I am not a doctor and cannot give a definitive answer.

However, avoid any K-cups manufactured by Sturm Foods. Those are instant coffee in a K-cup-shaped holder.…

read the package, if it has added iodine, it will have to be labeled on the ingredients.

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