I can drink cold tea, but is there any sort of health risk?!

Question: I can drink cold tea, but is there any sort of health risk?
Hate it when you accidently leave your tea unattended and by the time you get back to it it's cold? Well, okay, maybe it doesn't happen that often. For some strange reason, I have the courage and right sort of taste buds to be able to withstand cold tea. But is there any risk? For example, bacteria growing on it? Because I'm not sure. I tried it out today when my tea went cold and I was just thinking...


lol. Cold tea is NOT that bad. You don't need courage.

And it's not going to kill you. It's just tea that's cold..

It's perfectly fine! I like my tea to get lukewarm. I'd cover it so dust doesn't get in it, and limit it to tea made a few hours ago because of the milk.

Unless it was sitting out for three hours... I'd say it's safe enough, unless of course you're one of those people who have to sanitize every little thing including their food.

You've heard of iced tea, haven't you ? Maybe not. Room temperature tea won't hurt you.

We southerners love our Iced Tea. We leave it out in front of a window full of sunshine all the time. This is after brewing in the summertime especially. I've never heard that it was any worse for you than hot tea. To me it even tastes better especially with a hint of lemon.

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