How long does it take for energy drink to start having an effect?!

Question: How long does it take for energy drink to start having an effect?
I have an exam tomorrow, but I already know I'll got to bed late tonight and I'll have to get up early so I'll be tired all day.

I'm thinking I should fill myself up with energy drinks (let's assume they actually help) before the exam.

I want to know how exactly how long before the exam should I drink it in order for it to have max. effect, an hour earlier, half an hour, just before the exam starts?



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Once a friend and I each had half a RedBull around 15 minutes before a P.E. exam where we had to run laps. My friend almost fainted and I got tired about three times faster than usual. Definitely didn't help, lol. I wouldn't say I was feeling very clear-headed, either.

The moral of the story is don't go experimenting with unknown substances on the day of the exam! If you've had these drinks before (and it sounds like you haven't) then go ahead, but if you haven't, I'd suggest you stick with coffee, chocolate (it has caffeine, too!) or something that you've taken before, and you KNOW won't give you side-effects.

Experience! This stuff doesn't work the same on everyone.

id say an hour before. they last a long time, so u dont have to worry about crashing for a long time. i drink one around 7:30 in the morning, and i crash about 5 at night, so they last a long time. try amp, venom, or 5 hour energy. 5 hour energey lasts only 5 hours cuz it isnt loaded with sugar and has only 4 calories, where venom and amp...i dont even look at the nutrition label on the those!!! lol good luck on the exam!

personal experience, 1 or 2 energy drinks a day

I'd say 1/2 hour.


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