Starbucks coffee packets?!

Question: Starbucks coffee packets?
I just bought the starbucks vanilla coffee individual packets and was wondering if you make it just with the stuff and hot water or you add auger cream ect. So how do you exactly make it so it tastes exactly like the starbucks coffee?


I believe the vanilla already has sugar and some creamer in it but it might be a low amount. I know when looking for instant coffee packets, it was hard for me to pick a decent one since I drink my coffee black and I'm on a no sugar diet so I could not purchase the Starbucks stuff. You probably mix it with just hot water, then add more sugar and creamer if desired.

im sure your still gunna want sugar and milk or creamer when i order a coffee from their favored or not i order cream extra sugar thats about 2 tablespoons of milk and 4 tablespoons of sugar

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