Where can I find white paper cups and lids for my coffee at home?!

Question: Where can I find white paper cups and lids for my coffee at home?
I've looked at Target and the grocery store but all I seem to find are small sizes with tacky designs, and they are clearly overpriced. I just need to stock up on 50-100 20 oz. cups, and when I look online all I see are boxes of 1000 for restaurants and coffee houses. Any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


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Make a friend with someone who works at starbucks. Or better yet TIMS!

These are 12oz. http://www.thenerds.net/DIXIE.Dixie_Perf…

You can always get these http://www.binbin.net/photos/generic/i-a…

dont worry reported that fricken clown.
try a resturaunt store like PJP, Sysco store, or any other big food wholesaler like Costco or something. Sam's club, something like those, or u can ask a coffee shop for the number of the company that makes the cups. they shouldnt cost too much.

Just get a reusable coffee cup, they look just like the paper or styrafoam ones. However, if not get the coffee house size and have a stockpile of them

First try walmart, and if youcant find them there, it may sound wierd but you'll probly be able to find them on ebay

try a place called smart and final it is like a warehouse store but no membership you should be able to find some there

You can always get these http://www.teashin.com.tw/

Try Sam's Club, thats where I used to get mine :)

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