can lactose intolerant people drink raw milk?!

Question: Can lactose intolerant people drink raw milk?
I read that L.I. people can drink raw milk but when I drank it over the weekend it gave me the same symptoms as pasteurized milk. Headache, tons of farting + diarrhea. Is it possible the milk I drank wasn't "raw" enough?


There is no such thing as not "raw" enough.
Either it was raw( unpasteurized) or pasteurized.
But, it doesn't matter, if your LI, it will have the same effect.

Goats milk usually does not bother people who are LI.
That's why it was given to babies back in the days before formula was invented.
That's the best sub although much more expensive.
I'm surprised you got your hands on raw milk. Hard to get these days with all the idiotic laws.
Try that, or switch to Rice or Soy milk( yuck)..

Did you know that 100% of native Americans are LI and 98% of Asians?

Basque and Dutch have the least probs.
Scroll down and look at the chart.

The name lactose-free, is a bit misleading. It isn't that the lactose has been somehow taken out of the milk. Rather, the lactase enzyme has been added to it, breaking down the lactose into digestible glucose and galactose. As a result, lactose-free milk is easily digested, which alleviates the symptoms of LI, and may be a little sweeter than regular milk.

Therefore, the answer would be no. Raw milk does not have the enzyme "lactase."


raw or not, u cant drink mlk that has lactate in it. only lactate free milk. raw milk isnt pasturized and isnt lactate filtered or something. no u cant.

Lactose is a compound found in milk, not added to the milk during processing. Therefore, it will still give you the same symptoms.

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