What is your favorite holiday drink at Starbucks?!

Question: What is your favorite holiday drink at Starbucks?
i usually get a mocha frapuccino, i haven't tried the holiday drinks.i am scared to go and order something i wont like.what is your favorite one?which one would you recommend?
i like sweets and theirs no preferance of a cold or hot drink.
also, is latte a cold drink?i know frappucino is though, theirs just so many things, its confusing.


I love the pumpkin spice latte,and the peppermint mocha espresso.

My favorite's the eggnog latte! I wait all year for it to come out.
If you haven't tried it, i'd recommend that for sure, as well as the gingerbread latte. It's been a while since I've worked at Starbucks but these two were really popular.

The good thing is if you buy it and you absolutely hate it, I'm sure the barista/store would make you another drink that you like.
You could also ask for a sample if you want to try a little bit of the drink, just be nice and try not to do it when the store is absolutely slammed.

A latte can be cold or hot. I'm not too sure about super new drinks, but in general most espresso drinks can be cold or hot, except for cappucinos and espresso machiatto.

I love Toffee Nut Latte , i always look forward to getting this treat during the holidays, its sweet and smooth to drink , I suggest you get the Hot version the frappe isn'tt is okay I just like it better hot.

I wont recommend the holiday drink that has mint on it ... it taste weird

My favourite is the peppermint hot chocolate. :) I love it! and i always add some cinnamon on top, quite a bit acually, and it tastes amazing! try it! :D

My favorite is for a cold drink, the Egg Nog Frapuccino and for a hot drink is the Ginger Bread latte : P

i just always gets a caramel macchiato with extra cream, sugar. never tried any other drinks.what you suggest?

I try to drink nothing at starbucks

cold drinks

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