Is every brand of milk the same as nutrition goes?!

Question: Is every brand of milk the same as nutrition goes?
Like mayfield, food city brand, or whatever else brands there are. Im not talking about whole milk, 2%, and all that. Just the brand. Is the difference just maybe calories, fat, or things like that. or do they come from different kind of cows or what? and why is mayfield the most expensive..unless theres others.

I'm just wondering because every brand of milk has its own price and some are cheaper than others. is it just as good to buy the cheap milk than to buy the expensive kind?


They all come from cows. Some breeds of cows give milk with a higher percentage of fat, but that extra fat is skimmed off for products such as whipping cream, butter, and ice cream ... so it all ends up with whatever fat content is on the carton (whole, 2%, 1%, skim).

All dairy farms that sell milk to the public (or to companies like Mayfield etc) must have their cows certified as healthy and disease-free, and their dairy barns and milk-handling facilities must meet public health standards. Therefore, there really isn't any difference in the nutrition or quality of the product. Yes, buy the cheaper brand.

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