What color is apple juice?!

Question: What color is apple juice?

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pure apple juice is a clear colour with a slight tinge to it (depends on typr of apples and how you make it). normal, reconstituted apple juice is like a yellow( the colour of beer)

Usually a light amber colour but some is kept cloudy and looks a light grey colour.

the color of your piss! don't mix them up though, doesn't taste pretty, trust me.

the coulour of pee.
but like this light light LIGHT brown....

yeah...about the color of a nice amber beer... or really gross pee...

Like a Light amber color

what ever colour you want it to be :) FREAK.

I'll second that. Dark pee yellow.

Dark Yellow

Pee yellow

almost clear with a slight yellow tinge

gold color, i think.

Its a pee colour!! ;)

pee colour

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