i drink alot of milk is this bad especially whole milk?!

Question: I drink alot of milk is this bad especially whole milk?
btw im a teen girl


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Milk and some other diary products are a great source of calcium, which is essential for growing strong bones and teeth. (boring fact: calcium is a metal, Ca) Although they may contain some fat in their diet, they are still a great drink, and even fat, or even, everything is needed to some degree to keep a good nutritional diet. And you're still growing, so don't worry what you eat, although too much sugar from sweets and stuff can be bad for teeth and weight. (As I'm sure you probably knew... ha ha.) But, don't worry about what you eat. Also just make sure you get plenty of other stuff too, like protein, carbs, vitamins and stuff. Y'know, other food and drinks.

I don't think so, especially if you're active enough to burn the calories.

I've been drinking whole milk my whole life...I'm 28 and I've noticed no problems with whole milk. I still weigh the same as I did in high school.

No as your bones are still growing and will do until you are 23 years old. As long as you are otherwise healthy and reasonably active don't worry about it.

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