whoa caffeine overdose?!

Question: Whoa caffeine overdose?
so it's been .... the 7th day in which i have been mulling over/having trouble finishing my overdue essay and i am definitely sleep-deprived (though i nap from time to time but it's not much or completely restful) so i seek the aid of tea to stay awake. i've been dunking more than 2 bags in each cup and i just had one cup of 2 bags and lo and behold, i regurgitated ALL of it. vomitted all the contents from my tummy and had to lie down to stop feeling nauseas and for my tummy to stop going crazy.

am i overdosed? or is my body just exhausted


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if your putting milk in it then it could be the milk curdling in your tummy you should drink RedBull a little pricey but works awesome for studying and staying up all night to study

Get some rest so your body can be more effective in what you are trying to accomplish. Sleep deprivation is only going to make you take longer to get things done in a clear, coherent, and timely manner.

Food poisoning or caffeine overload is what you may be experiencing. Drink water.

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