Folgers vs Maxwell House?!

Question: Folgers vs Maxwell House?
And why?


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Folgers, if you like strong coffee you should try Folger's Black Silk!! yummmyyyyy!!!!

They are both nasty as hell. Drink some real coffee.

Best coffee? Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Try it if you ever get the chance. Its delicious. Drink it black. Putting anything in will mask how perfect of a cup of jo you have in your hands.

I prefer Folgers, I find Maxwell House to be bitter. I have tried Kona coffee from Hawaii, and Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica and I STILL prefer Folgers, especially the hazelnut flavour blend.

not 3x as expensive, try a can of Chock-Full-Of-Nuts, is the best of the canned coffees and also available at your local Wally-World (walmart)

Haha benedict does know whats up but coffee is blah in general but it i had to pick i'd say


I like folgers better. It doesnt seem to have such a bitter taste.


i prefer real coffee.

edit: benedict knows what's up.

Folgers is what my husband prefers. I don't really care for either.

i love maxwell house its the bes imo

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