Does soy milk affect mucus in the same way that cow's milk does?!

Question: Does soy milk affect mucus in the same way that cow's milk does?
I've recently become a vegan, and I'm undergoing some detoxification symptoms... I know alleviation of mucus is one--and I've been experiencing it quite a bit for the last few days--and I drank some soy milk and it seems that my symptoms have subsided temporarily, soo~ just curious.^_^ Thanks!


Hi! I just did some major research for you and I found out that soy milk actually has the opposite effect. Your mucus was being alleviated, so you noticed that often, but soy milk actually forms mucus. That's why your symptoms temporatily subsided. :)

Here's an article about it and vegans:……

No, soy milk doesn't affect the mucus at all!! You should try almond milk, less calories and its lower glycemic properties, good luck!!

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