help me find a good decaf coffee?!

Question: Help me find a good decaf coffee?
I am looking for a good decaf coffee. I'm having a hard time finding one. I have a heart condition that doesn't allow me to have caffine so I definately need decaf. I really like flavored coffee but I can't seem to find one that doesn't contain caffine. Does anyone know of any? I would perfer that it be something that I could find at the supermarket, not something that I have to order.


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If you are in the US, I have seen Millstone coffees in stores in my region. They sell flavoured decaf. Seattle's Best is another brand. At various places these are sold as bulk beans, so you can take a little to try before buying a larger amount.

If you cannot find any flavoured coffees, you could maybe try unflavoured and add flavored Coffee Mate or syrup.

Only recently did I find a decent coffee locally, so I was ordering for awhile. I knew I was getting pretty fresh coffee that way. But it was unhandy when I was low and didn't order soon enough.

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