What kind of tea do Chinese (dim sum) restaurants serve?!

Question: What kind of tea do Chinese (dim sum) restaurants serve?
I really like the tea that Chinese restaurants (more specifically the Chinese dim sum restaurants) serve. It has a dark yellow-ish color. It's really flavorful, yet it doesn't have a strong, bitter taste to it. Is it a type of oolong tea (my #1 favorite)? Or chrysanthemum tea (another one of my favorites)? I don't know much about tea, but I sure love drinking it!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


it could be a couple of types. Like you said, it could be oolong. It could also be jasmine. Jasmine is a pretty floral tea. It's usually green tea with jasmine flowers. It could also be that chrysantemum like you said, but I've never had that before.

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