Would This Be Unhealthy ?!

Question: Would This Be Unhealthy ?
I know people say this it's unhealthy if use lose like 10 pounds in a week , but what if you stay on an exercise machine all day and lose like 3 pounds at a time . Would that be unhealthy and just water weight or would it be fine ?


When ever my mum goes on diets, she goes like really hardcore, lol, and she'll lose 10-15 pounds in a week, its crazy, she's lost like 75 pounds in the past two months.(yay!). Everyone's body works differently, just stick to a healthy diet, and work out daily. You'll be dropping weight before you know it. :)-e

I think it would be too much weight loss in one week.
Normally you should aim for 2lb per week, that is a stable weight loss.
With fast weight loss you are more likely to gain it back very quickly.

id be exhausted doing something like that.

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