I don't like cofee? ?!

Question: I don't like cofee? ?
Apparently coffee prevents parkinsons which my grandfather has is there any way I can make cofee taste better


Hey Someone...and everyone who is concerned about PD,

It isn't coffee itself, it is the caffeine which binds to certain receptors so you don't have to like java to partake of caffeine.

There are plenty of teas with caffeine. Choose greens and black because of the polyphenols.

Oh yes, a favorite of mine: the caffeine content of dark chocolate.

To help, here is a link to a list of the caffeine content of various drinks and foods - just scroll down the page:
I would suggest that you avoid the carbonated drinks and the OTC meds, however.

This link should connect you to various caffeine studies:

You should understand that caffeine is not an invisible shield which will prevent Parkinson's disease but it might help. You still need to be aware of diet (especially watch the MSG, the nitrates and nitrites and include sufficient anti-oxidant foods) and the avoidance of the environmental triggers of the disease because these risk factors can influence your likelihood of developing PD even when the genetic tendency might be there.


I sometimes put 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon in with the coffee grounds before I brew my coffee. Gives it a nice flavor (If you like cinnamon that is!) PLUS it's cheap which is great AND cinnamon is good for you too!

* I usually add milk and a little sugar to my coffee to drink it too

try hazelnut coffee

I don't like coffee either. The only way I can tolerate it is with lots of sugar or honey.

My personal preference.

i buy the starsbuck coffee with vanilla in it

Add more cream and sugar.

Make it Irish lol

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