Is milk good or bad for you?!

Question: Is milk good or bad for you?
I have looked it up on the internet and some say its good some say its bad but I want a straight answer can someone help?


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Yes good
You may search on google

Milk can be both good and bad for you. Let me exercise the pros and cons:

Pros: avoids osteoporosis, protects from tooth decay and cavity problems, helps keep a body slim, works as an antacid whenever you have heartburn, good for hair, bones, nails, and teeth, and helps with sleep when it's hot.

Cons: Pus, face risks when receiving milk from cows that are injected with growth hormone, over-consumption, best to avoid if have lactose intolerance……

It's a readily digestible huge resource for calcium, protein, and other vital vitamins and minerals. And if free of any intolerances, it's perfectly fine to consume in moderate quantities.

There are ZERO risks from growth hormones, as you are not a bovine. Bovine hormones have NO effect on the human body. You could actually drink straight bovine hormones from the bottle if you cared to. Any scare tactics used my anti-milk people are just that...uninformed scare tactics.

The only risk to milk is its calorie content. It is loaded with calories, actually the same as sweetened sodas. If overconsumed, these extra calories can cause weight gain.

Obviously it's good for health.

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