Any way to transfer bag in box soda to 1 gallon jugs?!

Question: Any way to transfer bag in box soda to 1 gallon jugs?
I want to buy 5 gallon bag in box (BIB) soda from Sam's Club and transfer it to 1 gallon containers to pour later on and use with the Sodastream system. I know the BIB has a special connector and isnt a pour spout so I wanted to know if they make a connection that would let me get the syrup into the containers without cutting open the bag and making a mess.


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Those bags are designed to use patented bib connectors from either Coke or Pepsi,cutting a hole in the bag is a bad idea because unless you are planning to use 5 gallons of syrup in one use,it will contaminate the sugars in the bag.Plus they are so heavy you wont be able to secure the bag once its opened,looking at a big sticky mess.The best bet is to buy the 2.00 connector from a technician or online and save you a whole lot of trouble.Once you get the connector take a 3/8 "clear hose (from Lowe's)and a 3/8" in line shutoff .Put everything together,connect it to the box,tilt it at a sight angle and there you have a gravity feed syrup dispenser.

Coca Cola service technician

Use a funnel

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