McIntosh apple juice: weird taste?!

Question: McIntosh apple juice: weird taste?
I just got some McIntosh apple juice at Trader Joe's and it has a somewhat weird flavor. It tastes different from other apple juices - it tastes more acidic and a lot less sweet. Is that normal or something wrong with the apple juice that I bought?


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Take it back to the store or toss it away!

If you think it is weird you should bring it back to the store. But I think it should taste the same because when you eat the Mcintosh apple it tastes like a normal apple..I wouldn't drink anymore just bring it back..

Is it all natural or concentrate? That could have a lot to do with it as well ..Concentrate would be stronger..Not sure what to tell you just use your judgement I would imagine if it were spoiled you wouldn't be able to drink it ??



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