What is your favorite smell?!

Question: What is your favorite smell?
Mine have to be the smell of the first rain, Christmas, and Sweet Pea!(: What are yours?


@Jaimie skunk!? lol well I can't judge I like the smell of gasoline

Jasmine flowers. When I used to stay at my aunt's in the summer the smell of jasmine would waft up through the open windows in the morning. It's still beautiful and I can recognize it a mile away.

No way is this under the right section.

But I digress. My favorite scent is lilacs. It's my mom's very scent and she planted lilac bushes all around our house. Some days I would some home and my room would smell like lilacs. I adore it.

Yes it is great the smell of first rain fall on the bare soil, it make me mad. I become mad again when after a long winter spring sets in. Even a summer tempest have a exciting smell.

the smell of outside. You know when you've been couped up all day, and then you go outside and you get the wiff of fresh air.

Violets and roses
Clean babies
Freshly ground coffee
Laundry dried on a washing line outside.
Orange and clove pomanders
Lush shops
Freshly creosoted fences
Newly printed books
Lavender bags.


I like the smell of fresh air, baked goods, and green apple shampoo!

I like the smell of coffee. :)

I love lilac & honeysucke.

Smell of wet sand after a heavy rain drop & smell of Petroleum oil

grass just cut

Believe it or not, skunk.

rain has a smell?

my favorite smell is when your done baking cookies. :D

What about Bull shiit and Dog crap mixed with Cat pee. Mmmmmmm!

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