What is Chai Latte? ?!

Question: What is Chai Latte? ?
Is it a healthier alternative to capuchino?


A healthy alternative to a cappuccino is a cappuccino with low/no-fat milk and a low-calorie sweetner. With that being said I would try a Chai Latte if I were you because they are excellent sweet, spicy and creamy drinks. They are made from a certain type of black tea(which is very strong, spicy, and flavorful) mixed together with steamed milk or cream. If you're looking at a Starbucks or other coffee chain then odds are it's a pre-mix which is combined with either cream or water(depending on if it's concentrated or if it's powdered). If mixed with milk it's about the same, calorie-wise, as a cappuccino but if it's mixed with cream it will have a lot more calories.

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Chai is a spiced black tea. So its basically a spiced tea with the steamed milk. They are very yummy. It does contain caffeine and is sweetened but it still contains some of the healthy qualities of tea. If you were to get it with skim milk it would make it better. They are super yummy, though!

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Chai is a tea from a whole bunch of tea leaves names chai.

You make a chai latte by making tea first in a pot, pour half your chai latte tea into a warm cup and froth milk.

Add milk and whallah chai latte

And yes the chai tea is way healthier than a cafe latte or cappacino

it is hte nicest fricking drink EVER!! i LOVE it!
well i think its better than cappucino, i mean it doesnt have as much caffeine, but it does have more milk so if your ona d iet or seomthign hten its best to skip it.
but caffeinie wise and maybe suger wise it has less!

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