Do you like Energy drinks?!

Question: Do you like Energy drinks?
What energy drinks do you drink, like for me its gotta be monster, for some reason I like the taste of it, and it wakes me up, and I feel amplified for 3 hours, only downside is after its effect you are tired. Is there a downside to energy drinks over a long period of time? Just like caffeine.


In the long run energy drinks can really hurt you. Consuming energy drinks before sporting events can cause potential death. It doesn't have a whole lot but it does happen quite a few times and it can raise your death rate if you play sports. Over time energy drinks cause serious addictions that are almost impossible to break (kind of like drugs), energy drinks can have negative effects on your heart rate and blood pressure, also energy drinks can dehydrate your body even more if you drink it instead of water while you're really thirsty. Those are only a couple of the serious side effects. Watch your energy drink consumptions, don't take to much, please, it's really bad for you.…
And Wikapedia, and other sporting expirences, also it's common sense.

i love the 5-hour energy shots. you honestly don't have a crash afterwards. and the downside to them is that excessive amounts can cause liver damage, just like alcohol

I like redbull but its shown to get your heart swollen over extended time of use, the bad thing its hard to get over energy drinks.

5 hour energy shot only works for me

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