Is Mountain Dew Bad ?!

Question: Is Mountain Dew Bad ?
hi everyone , now i drink mountain dew .. i mean not a LOT not like , EveryDAY .. but i do .... so then , i heard people say that mountain dew is bad,now im afraid bec. i drank it .. but i just dont understand .. is it really bad ? and why ? PLeASE answer... thank you :)


I've found that Mountain Dew is bad because a few people I know and knew, especially in high school were/are super addicted to it. At that point they basically NEED Mountain Dew to make it through the day. It's also got TONS of sugar and caffeine. It's good to hear that you don't drink it every day.

It's only considered bad because it contains an ungodly amount of sugar, and is full of caffeine.

If you drink it less than once a day, you'll be totally fine, however, if you're looking to lose weight, that should be the first thing you cut from your diet.

Also, I don't suggest buying diet Mountain Dew as some others may suggest. Diet soda usually has sugar substitutes like aspartame which decomposes into a toxin that can cause brain damage over time.

It's fine in moderation.

Drink too much of it and all the extra sugar can make you fat.
Also yellow #5 (the coloring that makes it yellow) has been shown to reduce sperm counts if you are attempting to make a baby (and are the sperm contributer of the relationship).
Some research suggests that drinking a lot of carbonated sugary beverages causes undue tooth decay.

For any of that to happen you need to drink - a lot - of soda though. Having one every couple of days is fine.

You already know it's bad for you because of sugar and stuff. But Mountain Dew was originally created as a energy drink so it has an abnormal amount of caffeine. So yes it is very bad, worst than other sodas.

its not like youre going to die from it but it does have alot of sugar so it could cause a cavity if you drank a whole lot and didnt brush your teeth
if you only have it once and a while then trust me you will be fine

well in my point of view it is. I dont drink any soda. Everything in it is unnatural and shouldn't be put into our body. there are no nutrients in it. drink water. or juice if you need something sweet.

it really means in wat point of view ur looking at, like if u mean in energy, it gives u a really good kick, but in nutritious values, it is abit unhealthy

people say that cause the Ginseng in it dont worry it wont kill you .
Ginseng is like what they put in energy drinks.

it's not bad or dangerous i drink it too it's better for u than other pops like coke and pepsi

drink two four locos at once, you will die !

it makes ur balls small

mountain dew is the worst drink u can ever drink

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