Fun fruity, icy drink ideas? No alcohol please.?!

Question: Fun fruity, icy drink ideas? No alcohol please.?
Just bought a blender, and I wanted some fun and easy recipes for icy drinks.
We do not drink alcoholic drinks so please nothing mixed with alcohol.
Maybe someone knows a fun orangesicle drink recipe? That would be awesome, but if not, anything! Keep it simple too :)


try this one, just take out the vodka, that's what we do, it is really good!…

Try making an ice cap. Just mix coffee and ice and sugar and milk and whatever else you want.

there are soo many delicious smoothies to make!!!
the best way is to test out the thickness and sweetness you want.
my favorite ingredients to put in my smoothies are:
peanut butter or almond butter
milk (I use almond milk-chocolate or vanilla)
frozen fruit
and of course ice.

mix and match your favorite ingredients.
you should be able to find your favorite after a few different mixes :)
have fun!

Make an ORANGE JULIUS. These things are so delicious, I'm pretty sure that we got the recipe from reverse engineering the mechanical remains of Megatron.


Fruity Smoothies
-Apple Banana
-Milk and Strawberry
-Banana and milk
-Blueberry and Raspberry


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