Does Red Bull Help You Stay Awake?!

Question: Does Red Bull Help You Stay Awake?
Does it help you stay awake cause my friend wants to do an all nighter with me so if i drink it at around 1:00am will it help me stay awake ?!?


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Yes , drink it earlier though so it can build up a bit or you might go to sleep before then.

The whole point of Red Bull is to keep you energized and awake, like all energy drinks. If you want to do an all nighter drink it about one hour before you feel tired to you can properly digest it and feel the effects of the energy. Then when it begins to wear off drink it again, about 3-5 hours later.

Some people may say this is "bad", but having drank well over 2,000 energy drinks (over 100 different varieties), just chug one. only ONE! then keep yourself entertained, and maybe if you start to feel tired again, sip another one. You'll be fine.

(talking about the 8oz ones.)

Also, is red bull the only one you can get? the Monster Nitrous varieties work very well, they're the only ones that I can still feel a good boost of energy with (i'm pretty much immune to caffeine now)

Yes that's why it's called energy drinks and red bull because it has lots of energy

No, it won't help you stay up all night. It works if you're tired mid afternoon or something, that's all.

Yeah and some coffee too.

Heck, YEAH!

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