HELP!? Lipton iced tea questions!?!

Question: HELP!? Lipton iced tea questions!?
so im NOT trying to lose weight
but i want to know a bit about Lipton iced tea (powder)
is it considered `healthy'?
i mean i want to get 8 glasses a day of water to help my overall health (skin , hair , complexion , nails etc.) i drink alot of ice tea powder with my water i usually put like 3 spoonfuls in a glass
i get very bored with water and its easier to drink more with tea.

am i still getting my water? or does the tea effect my hydration?
the canister says 18 g of sugar how much is that in like spoonfuls?
is drinking this stuff as bad as drinking soda or other bad drinks?


well if you wanna be healthier, stay away from sugar. I just drink regular plain iced tea (cause I love it) and its good for hydration. the only problem with tea is that it has caffeine so it makes you have to pee more. but i dont know to much about that powder stuff. just that it has lots of sugar

If you like the tate of tea then I would suggest that you make sun tea with a caffeine free herbal blend. However if you're going for weight loss, you can't beat just plain ol' water. 64 fluid ounces a day is what most dietitians recommend. The added sugar won't help anything more than taste and adds calories to your daily intake. A healthy substitute would be honey, as it is a whole food and promotes a strong immune system or you could use a sugar substitute like Splenda. Good luck!

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