what happened to mountian dew "white out"?!

Question: What happened to mountian dew "white out"?
i can't find any MD:white out. i've looked in food country, food city, and wal-mart.
when it was voted for they had some but after a couple months they just quit selling them i haven't seen any since.


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this is yet another test product. If it sells well, it will return, if not, so long

I just saw cases of it stacked up in my Kroger store yesterday. (I live in SC.) Try Kroger's, maybe? Also, if they don't stock it, ask if you can order it. Most people don't know that a lot of larger grocery chains can and will special-order hard-to-find items for customers.

Even though I think Typhoon should have won (1% away.... frown) I just bought some of the white out at a 7-11 yesterday, it was the first time I saw it in store since the competition

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