What is your type of soda?!

Question: What is your type of soda?
Soda is awesome. I love SPRITE, but what is yours??


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Diet Rite-cola or white grape
Hansen's Diet-ginger ale, black cherry, root beer
both are made with splenda instead of aspartame.

I like Sprite too, but I also like 7 Up and Sierra Mist. What I like a bit most often for a very tasty soda is --be prepared-- Jones's Blue Bubble Gum!

soda is lishus!! and my fav is mtn dew voltage!!! i do neeed to cut back, im goin on a no sugar diet think ill die! but yes soda's amazing!

gurl that loves her soda(:

I drink very little soda. However, when I do enjoy one it is a non caffeine variety like Sprite or Root Beer.


Soda is NOT awesome, it's the top contributor to obesity in America.

dr.pepper and cherry dr.pepper

Dr. Pepper all the way.

Dr.Pepper. It knows what its doing because it is a Doctor.

Diet Pepsi..

peach Fresca

Coca Cola Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing

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