how is soda put into aluminum cans?!

Question: How is soda put into aluminum cans?

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The cans arrive at the beverage plant as an open top container. The soda is despensed into the cans by a filling machine. The top of the can is then sealed onto the top by a machine that rolls the top of the can and the edge of the top together to form an air tight seal.

They use magic, no you see the top part how its thicker than the sides and all, well they probably fill it up and then bend two sheets of aluminum and then seal it off.

It is air compressed into the cans by machines, thats also why it fisses when you open it

FALSE. It's ron weasley.

17 years working in a coca-cola plant.


woah thats a good question. Ive never thought about it b4

Harry Potter does it!

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