what store can I get this exact waterbottle? PLEASE HELP!!! D: THANKS!?!

Question: What store can I get this exact waterbottle? PLEASE HELP!!! D: THANKS!?
It's the water bottle pro and college football players have, its green with an orange lid. also known as a sport squeeze water bottle. Also it's by gatorade, has a G on it.. anyways I realllly need one, asap. I'm not old enough to order online nor do i like to! help is immensly appriciated! thanks sooo much!!!!

the link to a picture of water bottle:


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the picture is from amazon..
did you check amazon?

Or you could get the 32 oz gatorade squeeze bottle from sport challet for $3.

ooo i have the exact same one sitting in front of me but i don't remember where i got it it comes with like a package of gatorade powder mix

I have one u can get one from the partnership walks and if u dont know what a partnership walk is then go look it up and itis for free if u win the game in the partnership walk

well if you can't order online you will just have to check with your local sporting goods stores.

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