Does diet coke effect you in long term?!

Question: Does diet coke effect you in long term?
If you drink ALOT of diet coke:
Can you gain weight?
Not be able to sleep?


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Diet Soda is Horrible for you to consume. soda is not great to begin with but "diet" is potentially more harmful than regular soda. Aspartame- is an artificial sweetner practically in every diet or sugar free related product. this chemical tricks the brain into thinking something is sweet; however, since aspartame is not "sugar" does not break down like sugar, your body is not ingesting sugar. Your body eventually figures this out and thats when you crave sweets ALL the time. now at first this may seem like a harmless side effect, it can cause more severe side effects down the road. such as diabetes.
google aspartame and you will pull up LOADS of information on aspartame and its horrible side effects. there are over 90 clinically proven side effects. look it up and be horrified.

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the gaining of weight will vary between person to person. due to genetics and overall health and lifestyle, the aspartame will have diffferent effects on every person. because the aspartame deprives the body from natural sugars, the body finds the sugars else where, like starches in foods. and as a result your body goes into what it "thinks" starvation mode, packing all the sugar and starches it can get and converting it all into fat. yeah.
again all this info can be obtained easily through google or any search engine at that matter.

caffeine levels can cause sleep disorders as well, so be careful with the time when you decide to have a soda at night. caffeine can cause restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, jitters, ect.

The soda itself won't cause you to gain weight but it may make you crave more sugars/starches and make you end up eating other forms of foods with sugars in them.

Also, since diet soda does have caffeine drinking too many (more than a can or so) may keep you away for a while especially if you are sensitive to caffeine. For me, I can drink 3 cups of coffee and still sleep like a baby. We all respond to caffeine differently.

I think diet sodas are great in moderation. There has never EVER been one single case of diet soda causing cancer. I dare anyone who claims so to give me scientific proof from a LEGITIMATE source.

you can gain weight by drinking a lot of anything in log term affects, and the acid in the any pop, especially diet drinks, will also break down your enamel of your teeth, which you cant get back.

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The caffeine in it can effect your sleep, but more importantly the artificial sweetener used is actually poisonous if you consume too much of it and it's a chemical that can build up in your system.

I used to drink gallons of the stuff, Pepsi Max, which has loads of caffeine in.. and I would be wide awake till the early hours.. it won;t make you gain weight though.

i am pretty sure that drinking diet coke would cause you gain weight...
because you know... it's still soda anyway
but i love pop too :P

Yes and yes diet is worse for you then regular soda

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