Is it possible to get high from drinking large amounts of coffee?!

Question: Is it possible to get high from drinking large amounts of coffee?
At a party, my mates and I were planning to pull an all-nighter and decided to have a lot of coffee in order to avoid fatigue. Long story short, we had about 5 cups each and none of us can remember anything of it, but a friend whom was with us, whom decided not to have any, said that we were apparently very hyper and wouldn't shut up.
So is it possible to get 'high' on coffee?


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Yes! It was definitely a caffeine high. Drinking large amounts of caffeine is almost like doing a line of cocaine (a slight exaggeration... but still pretty true!). When you drink that much caffeine/energy drinks/highly caffeinated teas, you will do exactly what your 'sober' friend claimed you did: talk excessively, become jittery, hyper, perhaps chatter your teeth or become silly. And you may crash afterwards as well. It's also similar when you eat large amounts of sugar. Just make sure to re-hydrate yourself after you drink that much coffee, because it does dehydrate you. Re-hydrate with water... not more coffee!! ;)


Hi from France ?

Just your hands can shake and your sleep will be disturbed the following night .. Anyway te be '' high '' is very unhealthy and dangerous ! Don't do that ...

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You will wind up running to the bath room puking in a bucket while your on the toilet having the worst case or diarrhea you have ever had in your life.

Absolutely not, lol.

you Probably could but at some point you would have way too much caffeine in your system and feel real jittery.


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