Espresso machine for my gf - Thoughts?!

Question: Espresso machine for my gf - Thoughts?
I am buying an espresso maker for my gf for christmas. I was caught between two of these:

I got this espresso machine yesterday:…

But I'm thinking of returning it and buying this one:…


Honestly I dont like either one of them.
cuisinart is not a reputable espresso maker and the other one, is kinda wierd. it says it has a jura capresso boiler, but it doesnt have the impressive look an espresso machine should have. i would HIGHLY suggest talking to the folks at to pick out the best espresso machine, that will fit your budget. they have everything you can think of and detailed videos on some of the equipment. check it out and maybe you can learn how to make an awesome cup of espresso for her christmas morning. make sure you buy a tamper, a pitcher (to froth your milk), a thermometer, and a good grinder too (preferable a burr grinder). if you want her to enjoy a REAL cafe espresso experience.
anyways, has kits available with their products as well.
good luck.

researching everything about espresso for the past 6 months. now im making better espresso drinks than the local cafe and starbucks. LOL. muahahhahaha! big coffee fanatic!

I think you should get the cruisinart one as the other one just doesnt look as good. I would like to have a fully automatic one but they tend to be more expensive but your better off getting a really good brand

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