Which one do you like better ; soy or cow milk? why?!

Question: Which one do you like better ; soy or cow milk? why?
soy for me, yummy it almost tastes like coconut and its healthier


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soya!:D..its nice and light,and can be sweetened or unsweetened.But the milk in my town is produced locally and is very tastey aswell...and healthier than most cows milk becasue we know where it comes from and isnt that processed.But I think soya milk is lovely!Have you tried rice milk?thats nice too.I have yet to try almond though!.
mmm soya milk!


Cow's milk for now. If soy tastes like coconut they must to have changed the ingredients because many years ago one of my children could only drink soy milk and it tasted terrible. It's good to know the flavor has improved.

Cow's milk.I've never been able to figure out how to milk a soybean.Actually cows milk is the healthier one.

cows milk tastes nicer for me as i just don't like the taste of soy milk plus im not sure how healthy soy milk actually is as there have been articles about its long term effects.

Soya Life or Rice Dream - they are healthier and don't involve cruelty to animals

soy milk, but my all time favorite milk is almond milk.

soy idk why really its a lot taster then cow milk haha

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