How do you drink your water?!

Question: How do you drink your water?
I hate water so much. It looks good and everything, haha, but the taste is so bland! I know I need to start drinking it but I can't stand it. What do you do to give your water taste or what do you do with it to make it non-blech?


Well, quitting candy and other such things can help. If you're used to the extreme tastes of modern foods, other things seem bland in comparison.

Secondly, pure water is pretty bland. The taste water gets is from minerals. In most places, these are in the water from the source, or added after purification, but it's possible that doesn't happen in your area. You could consider drinking bottled water, but sometimes bottled water is actually taken from the same source tap water comes from.

You don;t have to drink plain water to get your daily requirement.. the kidneys etc don;t care if it comes in the form of tea, or coffee, or fruit juice etc. So, setting aside the obvious health considerations of not too much sugar and fruit acids, then drink whatever you like. The advice of 3 litres a day is now discredited.. most of the food we eat is mainly water anyway, so as long as you are not thirsty, then you are getting enough.

Drink filtered water.In the morning filter it through coffee grounds.Later you can filter some through tea leaves.At some meals I like to drink water that has been filtered through a cow.In the evening a glass of water that has been filtered through some grapes really hits the spot.

I go out to my garden and pick a Valancia orange from my 50 year old tree. Squeeze it into a glass, add water and you have a yummy light drink that will go with anything.

try crystal light packets, you can find them at any drug store. they come in all flavors, and they're delicious :)

Drink good water. Most tap is crap.

Sorry you feel that way because your mostly water yourself.
There is always tea,coffee and hundreds of juices out there.
Try to drink good quality helps

they have flavored waters.....i personally dont really like them though.

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