Why is Coca Cola Zero bad for you?!

Question: Why is Coca Cola Zero bad for you?

Well son, the bad thing with coke zero is that it doesn't contain real sugar and contains aspartame ( An artificial sweetener). How is this a bad thing? IT'S a bad thing because it is clinically proven that Aspartame has a lot of bad side effects ( 92 to be precise) But the most heard and feared are: obesity ( Activates in some way people's sweet tooth and they start eating like there is no tomorrow)
tooth decay agent, cancer producer, depression, and illness mimicking ( Making your body appear to have a illness while in reality you don't). That's why it is bad for you. So avoid aspartame at all cost! It is even better to drink stuff with real sugar although it might not be good for weight loss purposes but at least sugar is not as dangerous like aspartame.

Hope it helped!!


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