What would ACTUALLY happen if i drank 100 cups of coffee.?!

Question: What would ACTUALLY happen if i drank 100 cups of coffee.?
Or just to much coffee in general.


There is such a thing as caffeine poisoning. You could become seriously ill.


100 cups? I think you might die!

You would get a bit dizzy and you would be peeing like a trooper. I doubt that you would be able to down 100 cups of coffee in a reasonable period. We are talking 50 pints for normal cups or 10 pints for demi-tasse cups.

If you are healthy to start with then there won't be any great harm. Long before you reach poison levels you would be buzzing to the extent that you couldn't lift a cup without spilling half the contents.

If you intend to try then I would advise packing some spare clean underwear. Coffee is a diuretic (It makes you pee) and accidents can happen.

your blood couldnt proccess the caffine and your heart would be out-pulsed and explode


If it was over the course of a year, it would probably be okay for you..

You would be buzzing all over the city.

You would either puke or pee it out.

try it..lol

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