Starbucks coffee. Do they have?!

Question: Starbucks coffee. Do they have?
Do they make a skinny peppermint mocha, and do all starbucks have this drink? Thank you.


No, it's a non-fat peppermint mocha (as in made with skim milk instead of 2% milk which is the standard). Skinny at starbucks refers to non-fat milk and sugar free syrup, so a skinny vanilla latte is made with different syrup than a non-fat vanilla latte. There is no sugar free mocha (there was in the past but it was discontinued) or sugar-free peppermint. If you want to go for less calories (and in my opinion a less syrupy, a sickly sweet beverage), I would order a half-sweet (half the amount of syrup) non-fat peppermint mocha.…
They sure do!
Just ask for it with skinny milk. This should be at most Starbucks stores too

Yes. Asking for a nonfat peppermint mocha will get you what you want. It uses nonfat milk instead of whole milk. Every store has this option.

yes they should!

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