How much Mountain Dew?!

Question: How much Mountain Dew?
I'm under 19 and I wanted to know, how much Mountain Dew can me and my 12 year old brother drink without staying up all night. (DONT SAy "I dunno" or "get caffeine free soda" because we already bought it.)


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Son, Mountain Dew is well known for its ''Legendary Effect'' of giving you energy ( Back then where killer energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster did not exist). Mountain dew contains caffeine and it's mixed with sugar so that's why you will go hyper if you drink large amounts of it. If you really have to drink it, try drinking a lot of water so your body gets rid of the caffeine and thus making you NOT hyper and making you reach your good night's sleep.

Good Luck Friend!!…

You'd only be up all night going pee. There is no caffeine in dew. Drink it ALL :)


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