is this POT?? HELP idk what this is?!

Question: Is this POT?? HELP idk what this is?
i recently moved into my 15 year old sisters room and found a small empty bag of what seemed to used to be full of pot.. it is bout the size of two erasers and looks like it has some greenish powder in the corners.. i have no idea what it is- or was.. the bag is clear and the tiny big of powder looks like its brown shades and green shades! HELP- was this pot? what was it? should i be concerned?


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I believe what you found is a type of cocaine (very expensive) found in some areas of Columbia. Yes, be very concerned.

Does it stink like skunk? If Yes - it could be pot. Pot has very very distinct smell :-)

Pot isnt powerdy... so no It probably wasnt.

You'll never know unless you get some rolling paper & light up.

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