how old should i be to drink red bull shots?!

Question: How old should i be to drink red bull shots?

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Well,This things are recommended by weight rather than age. This things(Energy Shots) does not come with a age limit like alcohol drinks which in U.S you must be older than 21 to get them. So yes.. I've seen cases in which kids ( 8 to 14yrs ) only need money to get those. But please DON'T!!! These things can be highly dangerous and are not recommended for kids, teens and even Adults!! These things contain high levels of caffeine and other creepy chemicals which are even scary to look at! The best energy drink that I would recommend ( Me giving this advice to a person who weights more than 100 pounds and it's 15 years or older) is the 5 Hour Energy drink. I've used it and gives wonderful results!

Good Luck!

Me! I did a research job in my University over Energy Drinks, Shots and Pop.

"Shots" as in Red Bull + alcohol? You have to be 21.

"Shots" as in "little containers of Red Bull"? Any age, although it has plenty of caffeine, so if you are a child, it might not be advisable.

21 or older

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