Aside from gatorade, what other energy drinks can you think of?!

Question: Aside from gatorade, what other energy drinks can you think of?

Son, Gatorade is not a energy drink. its a sports' drink. Gatorade does not turn you hyper when you drink it like red bull or monster so now you know. But similar sports drink can be Powerade, which is Gatorade biggest competitor and states that is better than Gatorade, Vitamin Water is also a good sports drink which its statement is that is better than Gatorade and Powerade and only contain a few calories (20 to 40 cals) Isostar which creates energy though glucose and Lucozade which combines sports drink with energy drinks (NOT GOOD AT ALL) and so on. There are a lot of them (More than 20) available but those I've mentioned are the popular ones.

Hope it helped!!

My own research! I did a work on college on energy drinks, its side effects and energy tests.…

From time to time I drink Red Bull...but you have to be careful of the others that can cause your heart to race. Gatorade is used to replace electrolytes when you lose sweat but it is high in sugar, so sometimes water is better!

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